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A kitchen with a wooden table and chairs.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Super Durable

Vinyl plank flooring installation is a very viable option for any décor that you are looking to achieve.


Vinyl plank flooring offers many benefits over traditional types of wood flooring. Being waterproof allows it to be installed in many different locations that traditional flooring cannot be installed.

LVP (luxury vinyl plank) is extremely durable. When most people think of vinyl flooring, they think of the stuff that comes on a roll or stick down tiles. This is not the case. These planks are extremely durable and resistant to scratches and dents.

A large kitchen island with a breakfast bar overhang.

Smooth Transition

Normally hardwood flooring is not recommended for rooms like bathrooms, basements, kitchens and other areas that can be subjected to damp conditions. Although this does depend on the type of hardwoods, LVP is completely water resistant.

Kid and Pet Friendly

Due to its resistant to scratches, it is pet friendly. You don’t need to worry about the pets running around and scratching up the flooring. Since it is easy to clean, it makes for a safe environment for children.​​

Low Maintenance

LVP is pretty much zero maintenance when it comes down to it. After vinyl planking is installed, all you really need to do is just pass a mop or vacuum every once in a while. This makes it easier when it comes to having a clean floor.


Allergens are greatly reduced compared to other types of flooring. Similar to traditional tile, it is harder for dust and other allergens to accumulate.


With all of the different styles available, you can achieve almost any look you desire. LVP flooring can replicate most any look. From a natural wood to exotic tile to a stone can be portrayed.


DGS Flooring Serves Palmdale And Surround Areas

When it comes to vinyl plank flooring installation, DGS is your number one choice. Our professional craftsmen use only the best products and latest in equipment in installation. We work with you from beginning to end throughout the entire project. We can assist you in color selection and advise in the different types available. Call or contact us and let us get your new look for your home project get going.

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