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Hardwood flooring for excellent character

If you want a floor with lots of character, you’ll find hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice for the job. It offers many unique characteristics that will serve you in visual appeal and performance.

It's essential to meet your needs and preferences, and we're happy to help. So, here are some facts about getting a beautiful character from your new floors.

Consider natural graining and knots

Some hardwood flooring choices offer visuals that include knot holes, worm holes, and specific grain patterns that are stunning once finished. The right stain color can draw out the visual and highlight these options for beautiful results.

Even regular grains can help create wood floors with more character. Consider unique textures that work with the grain to give you genuinely impressive visuals.

Consider format choices

Format choices also have a lot to do with the character of your new floors. For instance, you might choose wide planks that add interest and appeal to any room, or random-width planks, for a colonial feel.

Even installation layouts can make your wood floors look unique and unforgettable. Ask to see samples of chevron, herringbone, and staggered installation patterns, so you'll know what to expect.

No matter your choices, you'll find many solid and engineered wood flooring options to help create the look you want and need. And if you're unsure what you need, we'll be here to help.

Please stop by our hardwood flooring store

DGS Flooring offers everything you need for the perfect flooring remodel, regardless of the project size. We provide an excellent assortment of products and services to meet all your needs.

From our showroom in Lancaster, CA, we provide hardwood flooring to residents from Lancaster, Palmdale, Acton, Agua Dulce, and Santa Clarita, CA. Take the time to visit us whenever you're in the area to discuss all your remodeling requirements.

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